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Saffron Honey

Saffron honey is a special r natural rare honey made from the nectar and pollen of saffron flowers. Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. And its honey is also extremely popular. A rare and special honey. This is due to the extraordinary nutritional and medicinal properties of saffron.

Honey bees use nectar and pollen to extract honey by beekeepers setting up hives in saffron fields.

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Our all honey
Honey name Dominant flower Harvest location Color Popularity
Jungle Flowers of trees and forest bushes Forests of Golestan province Brown-yellow 8
Linden Flowers of trees and forest bushes and trees Forests of Golestan province Brown to yellow 9
Coriander Field plants and coriander flowers Hamedan province Greenish brown 9
Sidr or Lotus The flowers of the southern region and the lotus tree or cedar Bushehr province Brown 9
Saffron Saffron flowers South Khorasan province auburn 10
Milk-vetch The flowers of the plains and the flowers of milkvetch Semnan province amber 8
Thyne Plain flowers and thyme Alborz and Sablan foothills Red 10
Citrus Spring flowers of oranges, tangerines and... Northern citrus orchards light yellow 8
Taranjabin camel throne bushes Semnan and North Golestan dark brown 6
Camel throne camel throne flowers Semnan and North Golestan light yellow 8
How do you choose your honey?
First, you should be relaxed and think carefully about your taste. What kind of personality do you like? This is the first way.
Second, refer to the article "The complete guide to the taste of honey" in the Honeyhub encyclopedia.
Third, the third way you can choose is consulting with us or experts in this field. But you are the one who chooses.
Of course, do not be obsessive in choosing honey. Consult your doctor only if you have a specific illness.
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Saffron honey is a natural rare honey and brings youth with its soothing compounds while creating freshness and freshness. Known mostly for its aphrodisiac properties, this honey is indeed a good aphrodisiac honey, but not only for that! Rather, it has various properties that convey vitality and good feeling to you. which probably goes back to the aromatic compounds of nectar or saffron flower pollen.

Saffron honey, which is mostly known for its sexual tonic properties, is actually good honey to enhance sexual potency, but it is not the only one! It has tonic properties, such as acacia honey, sunflower, and honey. This rare honey can be found mostly in Iran, Morocco, Greece, India, or Spain.

What you need is available on the Honeyhub site. Saffron honey is of good quality, honey. This honey is a unique honey. Without exception, our customers are young or have a youthful spirit. This honey is very popular among today's youth. In fact, due to the welcome of the young generation of this honey, this honey can be called the honey of the young generation. Honey that gives you freshness, youth, and freshness. Undoubtedly, this honey has medicinal and quasi-medicinal properties for some people, apart from its nutritional properties.

Saffron honey produced in Saffron farm

This honey has amazing properties that can be mentioned as follows;

 Super soothing

Inadequate sleep quality and duration affects quality of life, and can cause adverse health outcomes, for many Canadians. Existing sleep therapies have limitations, such as inability to adhere to a cognitive behaviour modification or the risk of dependence on pharmaceutical therapies. Raw honey has a long history of anecdotal reports supporting its use to improve sleep quality. In an effort to develop an evidence base for honey as a sleep aid, we completed a preliminary proof-of-principle study to assess feasibility and potential effectiveness of honey to improve sleep quality. Results of our preliminary study demonstrate that honey is safe and effective for improving quality of sleep with no associated adverse effects, as compared to melatonin. The current study design builds off the experiences of the preliminary trial and will add more scientific rigor to the evidence base we have started to build.

Observational and anecdotal evidence supports honey as an alternative to promote better sleep. During sleep, the brain typically utilizes liver glycogen stores to provide continuous and adequate energy; foods that promote liver glycogen storage before sleep may ensure availability of this energy source and therefore lead to better sleep.4 Raw honey is a rapidly digestible and metabolizable dense energy source, and thus may provide this sleep time energy reserve. Additionally, honey may promote melatonin formation due to its possible tryptophan content (a precursor to melatonin) that both helps to initiate sleep as well as promote release of hormones that facilitate whole body recovery during sleep.

Enhance sexual power

More than 500 years before Christ, when the Greek philosopher Hippocrates prescribed honey to increase libido, this golden nectar is considered a stimulant. In the Bible, Palestine was "the land of milk and honey," representing goodness and blessing. It is believed that honey was the nectar of Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, reproduction, and beauty. Ibn Sina describes honey as "the food of food, the drink of drinks, and the medicine of medicine." Honey contains chrysin, boron, and B vitamins that stimulate libido. Chrysin prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Boron is a mineral necessary for building bones and improving muscle coordination, and like chrysin, it also prevents hormone conversion. On the other hand, honey can increase the level of nitric oxide in the blood and has beneficial effects in increasing the length of the relationship (Asheville).

 Effective in preventing or treating colds / flu

Is honey a better treatment for coughs and colds than over-the-counter medications and antibiotics? A new review of research says yes - though with the caveat that over-the-counter medications don't actually offer much relief for sore throats, hacking coughs and sniffling noses. In other words, the bar for success isn't very high. (And antibiotics do absolutely nothing for viral infections such as colds.)

Treating colds with honey may sound a little hippie-dippy, but it's been a standard recommendation from doctors for children for at least a decade. The research on adults and honey is a bit murkier: Only five out of the 14 studies in the new research review, which was published Aug. 18 in the journal BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine(opens in new tab), included adult patients, and several of those studies included combination treatments like honey in coffee, or honey-and-herbal syrups(source).

 Reduce or treat allergies

 Reduce liver problems

 Lower blood cholesterol

 Blood pressure control

 Accelerate and heal wounds and burns

 Suitable for skin masks

 Treatment of skin diseases

 antioxidant property

And ...

One of the interesting points of this honey is its export to other foreign countries by our customers. Despite our problems in transporting honey, the quality of our honey has caused customers who had ordered a small amount, have now become a regular customers and have increased their order. Of course, it is an honor for Iran that its natural honey basket is very wide. A large tablecloth in which saffron honey is one of the flowers in the basket.

Important Note: This honey is produced in saffron farms of South Khorasan, Birjand city.

Tip: Honey is usually a combination of several flowers. However, its predominant color is due to the predominant pollen in the area.

Question: Is this honey natural? You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh?

Yes, this honey is completely natural and is produced by bees. Our beekeepers set up their hives on the surface of the saffron fields and the bees work on the saffron flowers.

Question: Is not this honey mixed with other kinds of honey with saffron syrup?

No, this honey is not mixed. This honey is different from the saffron syrup. In fact, its water content is extremely low and less than other honey.

What is the reason for the high concentration of color and high taste of saffron in this honey?

Considering that we only have dried products in saffron, it is definitely very different from honey, which is the result of nectar and saffron flower pollen. The aroma and color of saffron is definitely more than ordinary saffron.

More information about saffron honey:

Unique properties of saffron honey

What color is good for honey?

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Product Details

Data sheet

Therapeutic benefits
Allergy treatment
Boosting immunity system
Cure a cold
Improve clogged arteries
Improve heart health
Increase body energy levels
Memory Improvement
Sexual enhancement
Strengthens the digestive system
Strong sedative
Treatment of dry skin
Treatment of gum infection
Treatment of nausea
Treatment of uterine and vaginal infections
Production Location
استان خراسان جنوبی
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