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Welcome to Honey Hub.

  This website allows you to search and buy from various goods/services listed for sale through the website. The website provides these services by giving you access to the website's content. Wishing you happy hours with Hani Hub and its products; a summary of the site's terms of use is given below.

The three main rules of Honey Hub

Law 1

We are loyal to quality. We will not reduce the quality of our products in any way. Our motto is to deliver natural products to maintain the health of our customers and children.

Law 3

We are loyal to quality. We will not reduce the quality of our products in any way. Our motto is to deliver natural products to maintain the health of our customers and children.

Law 3

Observance of mutual and human rights guarantees the continuation of cooperation and the benefit of the customer and us. We try to respect your rights in your absence.

1) Purchasing services

Ms. Somayeh Amini Shireh Gini manages Haney Hub, and it means wherever our term is used. Access to and use the website and any goods and services purchased by Hani Hub are provided. Please read these terms and conditions carefully. By using this website or purchasing one of its products or services, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Conversely, if you do not accept these terms, you will not use the website and its services. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you must stop accessing and using the website and any of its services.

Honey Hub reserves the right to revise and change any terms and conditions by updating this page at its sole discretion. When Honey Hub updates the Terms and Conditions, it will make a reasonable effort to notify you of updates to the Terms and Conditions, but it is your job to check the Terms and Conditions to be aware of any changes. It is worth mentioning that your continued access to the Website constitutes your acceptance of these changes. Any change in the terms and conditions will take effect from the date of publication of the tribute.

It is necessary to read the terms and conditions carefully before accessing and using the website services. Let us know your questions about these terms and conditions via the email address below.

2- Accepting the conditions

By using the Website and its Services, you indicate that you have accepted the terms and conditions. You also agree by clicking on the accept box accepting the terms and conditions set by Honey Hub in this section.

3- Register to use the website

3- Register to use the website

3-1- The first step to access the website is to register as a user on the site. As part of the site registration process you may be asked to enter some of your personal information such as:

- Name and family

- Email Address 

-Phone Number

- Address

3-2- You agree that any information you provide to HaneyHub to complete the registration process is accurate, new, and correct.

3-3- When the registration process is completed, you become a member of the website and accept the limitations of these terms and conditions. As a member, you are granted instant access to the site services.

3-4- You are not allowed to use the website and accept the terms in the following conditions:

- When you have not yet reached the legal age to conclude a contract with this site.

   - You are a person who has been barred from receiving services under the laws of this country or other countries, including the countries in which you reside or use the Website Services.

3-5- Your personal information on our website is governed by our privacy policies. Read this section for more information.

4- Commitments of users

4-1- As a member of the website, you agree to follow the following:

Your use of the Website is not prohibited in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth on the Website or any applicable laws, regulations or rules or legal instructions in the relevant areas.

- You have an individual responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your password or email address. The use of your password by any other person may result in the immediate revocation of your access.

- Any use of registration information by another person or third parties is strictly prohibited. You agree to immediately notify HoneyHub of any unauthorized use of your password or email address or of any security breaches that you become aware of.

- Any use of registration information by another person or third parties is strictly prohibited. You agree to immediately notify HoneyHub of any unauthorized use of your password or email address or of any security breaches that you become aware of.

You agree that commercial ads, affiliate links, and other types of requests will be removed from the site without prior notice, resulting in the termination of your purchasing services. In the event of illegal and unauthorized use of the Website, appropriate legal action will be taken by HoneyHub.

- You agree that you will not copy the products and services of the Website without our written permission.

- You agree to be informed of updating the information on the site, and Honey Hub will not be responsible for this matter.

4-2- Using the website and its contents in the following cases is not allowed and prohibited:

- For illegal purposes

  - To force others to participate in illegal affairs

- For violation of domestic and international regulations

  - For violating the intellectual property rights of the website and the intellectual property rights of others

- For discrimination, abuse, harm, and insult based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, race, age, national origin, or physical disability

  - To send incorrect or misleading information

  - To upload or transmit viruses or any other type of malicious code that affects the performance of the services of this website, other websites, or the Internet.

 - To collect or track the personal information of others and its unauthorized use - For any unpleasant or immoral purpose

 - To interfere in the security services, we reserve the right to terminate the access and use of the person for such cases.

5- Purchase of products and return criteria

5-1- To use the services or goods of the website, you must pay the purchase fee specified on the website for the desired product.

5.2 Payment for the purchase may be made through one of the providers of approved payment gateways on the Website. You warrant that you are fully aware of these services for the use of the Website and accept the limitations of the Terms and Conditions used, the Privacy Policy, and other legal documents created by the Payment Portals.

  5-3- After payment, the purchase price will be approved by Honey Hub. You will receive a confirmation that HoneyHub has received your payment, and HoneyHub may record purchase details for future use.

 5-4- Honey Hub may, at its discretion, provide a refund for the return of products within 30 days if the product packaging is not opened. You agree that the user is responsible for any shipping costs associated with any refund.

6- Warranty

6-1- Honey Hub products are supplied with guarantees that are in accordance with the country's consumer protection laws. You have the right to have a replacement or refund for a major product failure. You also have the right to ask us to replace or return the products if they are not of acceptable quality.

 6-2- Under this article, you can claim a guarantee for products that have problems from the date of purchase at the beginning of the warranty period.

  6-3- To benefit from the warranty claim service during the warranty period, you must provide your purchase documents that show the date of purchase of the products, descriptions of the products, and the price paid for the products by written notification to Hani Hub or Send to HoneyHub via email.

 6-4- Where a product warranty claim is accepted, HoneyHub will, in its sole discretion, return or replace all of its products or part of its products with a new standard during the warranty period, at no cost received to you for parts or labor. You agree that you are solely responsible for the shipping costs incurred with the guarantee claim facility.

  6-5- This warranty is the only guarantee provided by Hani Hub and should be applied only to you and other rights and under the law related to the products to which this warranty applies.

6-6- All implied warranties, including commercial guarantees and suitable for use, are limited to the warranty period.

 6-7- The guarantee is never applied to the following:

- Appearance of supplied products

  - Products whose exterior has been damaged or misused or tampered with, or altered in design or construction.

7- Delivery

7-1- You acknowledge that delivery services are provided through third-party delivery companies (delivery service providers)

  7-2- In providing services, HoneyHub may offer delivery service providers different delivery and insurance options. You accept that Honey Hub does not offer delivery and insurance options and merely facilitates your interaction with delivery service providers; therefore, any loss or damage, loss of profit or opportunity or goodwill resulting from or in Communication with the delivery service is not responsible for users.

  7-3- In case the product is lost or damaged during the delivery service, you must:

-Contact the delivery service provider directly to request a refund or insurance application.

  -Stay in touch with HoneyHub via email to find out how products are damaged in shipping, so we can decide if a delivery service provider should be able to Delete our service list or not.

8- Copyright and intellectual property

8-1- Website, services, and all products related to Honey Hub are subject to copyright. The Website's contents (including writings, photos, videos, logos, and sounds) are protected by copyright under international law and international treaties.

  8-2- HoneyHub reserves all rights and interests related to the Website:

 - Business name, brand, site name and address, trademark, industrial design, patent, and copyright of HoneyHub

  - The right to use a business name, brand, industrial design, trademark, etc.

 8-3- You are not allowed to do the following without the written permission of HaneyHub and the permission of any other right holder:

 Release, republish, upload, transfer, send, distribute, show or broadcast to the public. This prohibition does not extend to material on the Website that is freely available for reuse or is in the public domain.

9- Privacy

9-1- HoneyHub takes your privacy seriously, and any information provided through your use of the app or service is related to the HoneyHub privacy policy contained in the app.

10- Disclaimer of public responsibility

10-1- HoneyHub does not create any terms, warranties, agencies, or conditions about other products except by following these terms and conditions.

 10-2- HoneyHub makes every effort to ensure that the product is displayed precisely on the website, although the size, color, and packaging may differ from what is revealed on the website.

Honey Hub makes every effort to show the image and color of the products as accurately as possible but can not guarantee the accuracy of your system screen. In case of a discrepancy, we are not responsible.

  We also do not guarantee that the quality of HoneyHub products, services, and information is just what you expect.

 10-3- Nothing is restricted in these terms and conditions unless prohibited and restricted by law.

  10-4- In accordance with this paragraph and to the extent permitted by law: - All terms, guarantees, warranties, representations, or conditions that are not explicitly stated in these terms are removed.

 - Honey Hub will not be responsible for the following:

 1- Any damage or injury unless this loss or damage is foreseeable or has occurred as a result of Honey Hub's inability to protect the consumer

  2- Loss of profit or opportunity or damage to good faith that is due to or in connection with the services of the website or these terms and conditions (including due to the impossibility of using the services or long-term provision of shopping services)

 10-5- Risks and dangers of using the website, services, and any of Hani Hub products (along with delivery services) are the person's responsibility. Everything on the Honey Hub website, services, and products is provided on an "as is" and "as is" basis.

  10-6- The price of products and services can be changed without prior notice, and in this case, the website will not be responsible for users.

  10-7- It is possible to modify or terminate the Service at any time without prior notice, and in this case, the website will not be responsible for users.

  Honey Hub has the right to restrict the sale of products or services to anyone or a specific geographical area, and it may exercise this right on a case-by-case basis and will not be liable in this regard.

 10-8- Honey Hub does not warrant or guarantee that your use of the Website Services is uninterrupted, timely, secure, and error-free. And in this case, Hani Hub is not responsible.

  10-9- Honey Hub does not guarantee that the results obtained from using the website and its services will be accurate and reliable. You also acknowledge that sometimes Honey Hub may change the Service for a specified period or cancel the Service without notice to you.

  10-10 - There may be information on the website or in the Service that is attended by errors and mistakes or there are related bugs or product descriptions or in the requests section. Honey Hub reserves the right to correct, modify, and update these errors and bugs, and may even reject a request for these bugs without prior notice, so Honey Hub is not responsible.

We make this information and updates wherever necessary, in accordance with the law.

11- Limitation of liability

11-1- The entire responsibility of Honey Hub arises from or in connection with the Services or these Terms and Conditions.

   11-2- HoneyHub is not responsible for any content posted on the Website or in connection with the Services, whether by users of the Website, by third parties, or by any of those to whom the Services are provided , created or posted.

12- Termination of the contract

12-1- These conditions will be applied until the end of the contract by you or by Honey Hub as follows.

 12-2- If you want to end these terms and conditions, you must do the following: - Inform Hani Hub at any time by submitting a written request in the Contact Us section of the main page of the website.

 - Close your accounts for all the services you use through the section that HoneyHub has given you this option.

12-3- Honey Hub may terminate these terms and conditions with you at any time if:

 You have violated any of these Terms and Conditions or intend to infringe any of these Terms.

- When Hani Hub is required to do so by law.

 - The partner through whom HoneyHub provided its services has either terminated its relationship with HoneyHub or stopped providing you with purchasing services.

  - Providing services to you at the discretion of HoneyHub is no longer reliable.

  12-4- Under the applicable laws, Honey Hub has the right to suspend or cancel your membership on the website. If you violate applicable regulations, your conduct affects Honey Hub's name or reputation, or you infringe on the rights of others, you may, in your sole discretion, terminate your access to all or any part of the Website or Services without your knowledge. Slowly

  12-5- When the parties' commitment to these terms and conditions expires, all legal rights, obligations, and responsibilities that you and Honey Hub have enjoyed should be terminated.

13- User comments

13-1- If you send a comment via email, online and in any other common way at any time without our request, we reserve the right to use it in any media without editing or restricting it. We are not obligated to protect against these comments, to compensate in case of disclosure and to respond to all of them.

  13-2- We have the right to edit or delete at our discretion any content that is illegal, offensive, threatening, disruptive of the rights of others and in violation of these terms and conditions.

 13-3- You accept that your views are not illegal, aggressive, threatening and in conflict with the rights of others and these terms and conditions. In fact, you are responsible for every email you send.

14- Compensation

You agree to be liable to Hani Hub, its staff, agents, and third party suppliers for the following:

  - All actions, claims, claims, costs, losses, and damages incurred or incurred by or in connection with any content you post through the Website.

  - Any direct or indirect consequences of accessing, using, or conducting transactions on the Website

Violation of any of these terms and conditions

15- Solve and separate differences

15-1- Required items

  - If the disputes arise from the terms and conditions or are related to these terms, each party can take legal action to resolve the conflicts by observing the following. (Except in cases where immediate relief is needed)

15-2- Note that: The party claiming that a dispute has been raised in connection with these circumstances must send a written letter to the other party to specify the nature of the conflict, the desired outcome, and the action required to resolve the dispute.

  15-3- The other party must:

- Within 20 days of receiving the declaration, to resolve disputes through negotiation or other means with which they agree.

  Suppose, for any reason; the dispute is not resolved within 20 days from the date of receipt of the declaration. In that case, the two parties to the conflict must either agree on their choice of arbitrator or request that a suitable arbitrator is appointed.

 - The parties are equally liable for the costs of arbitration.

 - The place of dispute resolution by the arbitrator must also be specified.

16-4- Confidentiality

All communications relating to the negotiations arising out of or in connection with the dispute shall be confidential, and, to the extent possible, the negotiations shall be unbiased.

   16-5- If one week has passed from the beginning of the arbitration to resolve the disputes, but the argument remains, then either party can request the end of the arbitration, and the arbitrator is obliged to accept this issue.

17- Local competence

The services of this website can be provided to people who live in Iran. Therefore in case of any dispute regarding this website, the courts of the territory of this country have jurisdiction.

18- The ruling law

The following terms and conditions are set in accordance with Iranian law. Any dispute or claim relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be construed under this Law, and the rights of the parties and their successors shall be settled.

19. Both Parties acknowledge that the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are fair and reasonable and declare that these Terms and Conditions are contrary to public policy and are not unequally regulated.

 20. If a part of these terms and conditions is deemed inapplicable by the competent court, then only this part of the terms and conditions shall be separated, and the remaining provisions shall remain in force.

 the end


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