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Paliurus honey

Paliurus honey is obtained from the nectar of Paliurus  trees that have yellow flowers. Our hands do not reach this plant. The thorny flowers of this plant host bees. This basic flower is one of the best honeys in Iran. This honey is a delicious honey and has many fans. This honey is late and sets later.

  • Delicious honey
  • mild honey
  • Strengthening the digestive system (treatment of diarrhea and constipation)
  • Blood purification
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Our all honey
Honey name Dominant flower Harvest location Color Popularity
Jungle Flowers of trees and forest bushes Forests of Golestan province Brown-yellow 8
Linden Flowers of trees and forest bushes and trees Forests of Golestan province Brown to yellow 9
Coriander Field plants and coriander flowers Hamedan province Greenish brown 9
Sidr or Lotus The flowers of the southern region and the lotus tree or cedar Bushehr province Brown 9
Saffron Saffron flowers South Khorasan province auburn 10
Milk-vetch The flowers of the plains and the flowers of milkvetch Semnan province amber 8
Thyne Plain flowers and thyme Alborz and Sablan foothills Red 10
Citrus Spring flowers of oranges, tangerines and... Northern citrus orchards light yellow 8
Taranjabin camel throne bushes Semnan and North Golestan dark brown 6
Camel throne camel throne flowers Semnan and North Golestan light yellow 8
How do you choose your honey?
First, you should be relaxed and think carefully about your taste. What kind of personality do you like? This is the first way.
Second, refer to the article "The complete guide to the taste of honey" in the Honeyhub encyclopedia.
Third, the third way you can choose is consulting with us or experts in this field. But you are the one who chooses.
Of course, do not be obsessive in choosing honey. Consult your doctor only if you have a specific illness.
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Siahtalo or Paliurus is one of the native trees of Iran. Honey is obtained from this shrub flower, which has interesting properties. Paliurus honey is a rare honey. This honey is similar to forest honeys. In many areas of Golestan province, Paliurus is used on the edge of fields to protect wild animals. These areas is close to the forest, and its thorns may attract attention at first glance, but the flowers of this shrub have very good nectar. This honey is later crystallized. SiahTeloo honey or Paliurus honey is special and this honey is harvested very rarely.

Characteristics of Paliurus honey

✅Sucrose under 3

✅Humidity 15 to 20%

✅Light golden color

Flowering time

In Golestan province flowering time is from the end of May to the beginning of July. Due to the short flowering period of Paliurus, timely establishment of bee colonies is very important.

Appearance characteristics

The flowers are yellowish and are located in the inflorescence of the cluster, and in the spring; They bloom from mid-April to mid-June. Its fruit is spherical and yellowish green in color and turns brown in autumn. There is a seed inside each fruit.


It is native to southern Europe, northern Africa, and the Mediterranean region to southwestern Asia, Iran, Tajikistan, and northern China. In Iran, it goes from Arasbaran and the forest slopes of the Alborz mountains to Gollidagh, and in Azerbaijan and the west of the country in the Zagros mountains to Fars. . In some areas, it is planted as an ornament or to prevent cattle and wild animals from entering the fields, on the edge of these places.

More information about Paliurus honey

SiahTalo single flower honey is a product with limited production and distinct aroma characteristics compared to other single flower honeys (sage, rosemary, etc.). Little information is available about this honey and there are only a few articles on its flower source. St. John's wort is a traditional Mediterranean and Asian medicinal herb (also known as Christ's thorn) that is commonly used as a diuretic, anti-diarrheal and anti-rheumatic. It blooms in late June and early summer and is found especially in large areas of the Mediterranean and Iran. Flavonoid glycosides and tannins are found in different parts of the plant, while amino acids, alkaloids and sterols are found in the skin and fruits. The main flavonoid compounds were isoquercitrin, rutin, hyperoside and a quercetin-3-O-triglycoside (Jerkovic  et. al.,  2009).  Siahelo honey is a single flower honey with high antioxidant and antimicrobial value. According to different researches, the phenolic compounds in this honey are like fingerprints. Major levels of caffeic acid, protocatechuic acid, chrysin, pinocembrin and CAPE were detected (Malkoç et al. 2008). The obtained information provides important information in the geographical marking of honey and the honey codex.

The healing properties of Paliurus plant

This plant has been recognized by people since ancient times and it has been used for therapeutic purposes under the names of rhamnos and paliurus. In the past, it has been used as an astringent, tonic, diuretic, anti-influenza. The root and leaves of this plant have been used to cure colds and diarrhea. The fruit of the plant, as reflected in new scientific and medicinal books, has a diuretic effect and removes blood uric acid and urea; And it can also be used to reduce blood cholesterol. It is effective in removing administrative deposits. In addition, its consumption lowers blood pressure. It has been considered useful for reducing blood sugar and diabetes.

Benefits of Paliurus honey 

The health and therapeutic properties of SiahTaloo honey or Paliurus honey are extensive and we mention some of them in the form of titles. For more information, refer to the article on the properties of SiahTaloo honey.

✅ Energizing and strengthening the physical structure 

✅ Strengthening the stomach and digestive system (treatment of diarrhea and constipation with pollen)

✅ Helping to get rid of digestive system parasites

✅ Strengthening the urinary system (helping to remove kidney stones)

✅ Effective in migraine headaches

✅ Effective in reducing pain and treating arthritis

✅ Effective in reducing migraine pain

Some important questions

Do you know what raw honey is?

Raw honey is honey that has not been heated. Some people heat the packed clay that looks like sugar. Crystals are separated by high temperature and become liquid, but this process destroys the natural enzymes and proteins of honey. At HoneyHub we do not heat honey and all our honey is raw.

Does Honeyhub's honey have a valid quality certificate?

Our honeys have been analyzed in an accredited laboratory and the results are available at HoneyHub. In addition to being well-known, we also offer you the quality certificate of honey.

What is the advantage of buying from Honey Hub compared to other honey supply centers?

✔️ Honeyhub offers you honey directly from the beekeeper. We are beekeepers.

✔️ The first reason is quality assurance: All Honeyhub honeys are natural and sugar-free. We offer laboratory quality assurance.

✔️ The second reason for the reasonable price: Honeyhub honeys have a 20-100% lower price due to the elimination of intermediaries. We are beekeepers and there is no intermediary between us and you. You save money by buying from us.

✔️ The third reason for the wide selection of honey in Honeyhub: You have a wide selection of honey in Honeyhub. You can find almost all the famous natural honeys of Iran in Honeyhub. You don't need to search for your special honey and go to different places.

✔️ The fourth reason for the money back guarantee. You may not like a honey because of the different tastes of people. Don't worry, you can return the honey to us and get your money back.

Paliurus honey is obtained, which has interesting properties.

Why should I trust Honeyhub?

Honeyhub is one of the most reliable honey supply sites in Iran and the world. Honeyhub's honeys have been exported to all parts of Iran and even to Europe and India. And interestingly, our customers are consistent and do not leave Honeyhub. Honeyhub also has the electronic trust symbol from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, and we consider ourselves committed to fulfilling the obligations of our dear customers.

The pricing of paliurus honey

The price of paliurus honey may be higher than other honeys, considering that it is a delicious and late blooming honey, as well as rare. The properties of this honey may be similar to other honeys, but its deliciousness and special taste is a pleasant experience for honey friends.

 For more information, refer to the article on the properties of Paliurus honey.

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Cure a cold
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Reduce body temperature
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Strong sedative
Treatment of joint pain
Treatment of sleep disorders
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Golestan province
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