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Linden honey

Namdar honey or linden honey is the delicious honey of the towering Nemdar trees. The linden tree with its high nectar and pollen is the precursor of honey, which bees process and give it extraordinary properties. This honey has many fans.

Really delicious and soft honey and...

Sucrose: below 3%

Humidity: 16-20%

Color: white, pale yellow and of course reddish in some cases

Sweetness: Medium

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honey science
Our all honey
Honey name Dominant flower Harvest location Color Popularity
Jungle Flowers of trees and forest bushes Forests of Golestan province Brown-yellow 8
Linden Flowers of trees and forest bushes and trees Forests of Golestan province Brown to yellow 9
Coriander Field plants and coriander flowers Hamedan province Greenish brown 9
Sidr or Lotus The flowers of the southern region and the lotus tree or cedar Bushehr province Brown 9
Saffron Saffron flowers South Khorasan province auburn 10
Milk-vetch The flowers of the plains and the flowers of milkvetch Semnan province amber 8
Thyne Plain flowers and thyme Alborz and Sablan foothills Red 10
Citrus Spring flowers of oranges, tangerines and... Northern citrus orchards light yellow 8
Taranjabin camel throne bushes Semnan and North Golestan dark brown 6
Camel throne camel throne flowers Semnan and North Golestan light yellow 8
How do you choose your honey?
First, you should be relaxed and think carefully about your taste. What kind of personality do you like? This is the first way.
Second, refer to the article "The complete guide to the taste of honey" in the Honeyhub encyclopedia.
Third, the third way you can choose is consulting with us or experts in this field. But you are the one who chooses.
Of course, do not be obsessive in choosing honey. Consult your doctor only if you have a specific illness.
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Linden honey is a honey obtained from a tree called Namdar. The linden tree is one of the Hyrcanian trees and provides a lot of nectar to produce an extraordinary honey. To benefit from this honey, the beekeepers of the north compete with each other, and every year the forest areas with deciduous trees are full of bees that have been settled in cooperation with the beekeepers and the General Department of Natural Resources. Usually, this honey is softer and a little looser than other honeys due to its location in the forest area and the type of nectar of the namdar tree and other forest plants. And raw and unheated honey is extremely effective for treating colds and coughs. This honey is an aphrodisiac and by strengthening the body's immune system, it makes it resistant to metabolic abnormalities and pathogenic microbes. This honey is also produced in other countries and has its own fans. Usually, people who use Namdar honey have a strong immune system and are less likely to get sick.

Naemdar honey is anti-cold, smoking, cough, fever, and other disorders of the respiratory system, it is anti-inflammatory, effective in reducing high blood pressure, effective in relieving headache (especially migraine). This honey is diuretic (increases urine production), antispasmodic (reduces spasm of smooth muscles along the digestive tract) and a strong sedative.

Linden honey produced on linden tree flower!

linden tree

Linden honey is a single flower honey that is produced in Asia, North America and Europe. This honey is basically the same in all these places, but it has three different names. Bass wood honey, lemon honey and wood honey. In North America, it is called basswood, in England it is called lime (mostly because the flowers are yellowish green), and in other parts of the world it is called linden, and in Iran it is called asal namdar or They mistakenly call soft honey. Because it is a light colored honey, people are surprised that this honey has a strong flavor and aroma. Some say that it smells woody at first and then they recognize the scent of mint and menthol. The taste of linden honey is sweet, spicy and slightly bitter. And if it is stored, it turns into pickle.

What are the benefits of linden honey?

You are studying the properties of one of the best and most delicious honeys in Iran. This honey is really delicious. The excellent taste that this tree gives to its honey has made it one of the most popular honeys in Iran. Namdar honey is a soft and characteristic honey. Maybe over time, due to the higher humidity of this honey, which is specific to forest areas, it tends to sour. We present only a few of the properties proven and reported by customers and consumers. By consuming natural namdar honey, you will see its effects in your body.

icons8-approval-48.pngHealing wounds and burns

icons8-approval-48.pngReducing the duration of diarrhea

icons8-approval-48.pngPrevent acid reflux

icons8-approval-48.pngFighting infections

icons8-approval-48.pngRelief of cold and cough symptoms

icons8-approval-48.png Rich in antioxidants (Nicewicz et al. 2021)

icons8-approval-48.pngTriglyceride reduction

icons8-approval-48.pngHigher levels of amino acids and minerals


  Qiao et al. (2020) discovered methyl syringate, phaseic acid, and lindenin (4-(2-hydroxypropan-2-yl) cyclohexa-1,3-diene-1-carboxylic acid) as particular or unique phytochemicals of rape, acacia, and linden honey. Methyl syringate and lindenin were the most abundant components in rape and linden honey; moreover, their average contents reached up to 10.44 and 21.25 mg/kg, respectively. The average content of phaseic acid was 0.63 mg/kg in acacia honey. 

Why raw honey?

Raw honey is honey that has not been heated. Raw honey is different from unripe honey. Unripe honey is honey that is harvested immediately after being cell covered with a thin layer of wax. This honey is an unripe honey and has not yet ripened. But raw honey is ripe honey that is not heated after harvesting. Maybe there is a question why honey should be heated?! Some people, out of ignorance or out of profit, try to heat closed clay or crystallized honey. This work destroys proteins, amino acids and... while coagulating honey proteins. And in some cases, it produces hydroxymethylfurfural, which is a poisonous substance. For these reasons, we do not heat honey. Honey that has become clay or crystallized is likely to be natural honey. Therefore, never consider it as fake honey when it becomes clay. Please don't heat crystalized honey! although you can warm up to 48 centigrade degree to obtain liquid honey. We strongly recommended not dissolve raw honey in hot water or hot tea. Of course, it is difficult to dissolve honey in cold water. We recommend that you dissolve honey in lukewarm water and then add a little cold water to drink it more willingly.

How to use: This honey can be used in several ways. Or you can consume it as honey syrup by mixing it with some water at room temperature or with a little Sangg bread or Berber bread or toast. Use this honey in desserts and all kinds of foods that need natural sweeteners.

Dosage: 20 grams or one spoon per day - of course, if you have high physical activity, including sports or sexual activity, you can consume more of this honey. But keep in mind that continuous consumption of easy-to-digest carbohydrates can lead to obesity.

Important point: Honey is a sweet substance with a suitable carbohydrate composition for all age groups and strata of society, including diabetic patients and special patients. It makes us feel good. But there are some things to be observed in the daily consumption and amount of honey. Due to the naturalness of our honey, diabetic patients can safely consume this honey, but determine the dosage with the advice of their doctor. In diabetic patients or special diseases, we do not recommend the daily consumption of honey, even the best quality, with any dosage similar to that of non-patients. If you have seasonal allergies, this honey will help you reduce or treat the symptoms of allergies in your body. But it should start with a small amount.

As a general rule, avoid honey in children under one year of age.

For more information about Linden honey, you can read  properties of linden honey post.


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Therapeutic benefits
Cure a cold
Effective in treating influenza
Fighting infection
Help treat asthma
Improve clogged arteries
Improve heart health
Increase body energy levels
Strong sedative
Treatment of sinusitis
Treatment of sleep disorders
Treatment of uterine and vaginal infections
Production Location
Golestan province
very good (A+)
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