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Lotus Honey

Lotus honey or Cedar honey or sidr honey is one of the honey in the south of Iran. This honey has been ranked as one of the Iranian honey representatives in international festivals and international festivals. This honey is delicious, a physical tonic, and a sexual stimulant.

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Our all honey
Honey name Dominant flower Harvest location Color Popularity
Jungle Flowers of trees and forest bushes Forests of Golestan province Brown-yellow 8
Linden Flowers of trees and forest bushes and trees Forests of Golestan province Brown to yellow 9
Coriander Field plants and coriander flowers Hamedan province Greenish brown 9
Sidr or Lotus The flowers of the southern region and the lotus tree or cedar Bushehr province Brown 9
Saffron Saffron flowers South Khorasan province auburn 10
Milk-vetch The flowers of the plains and the flowers of milkvetch Semnan province amber 8
Thyne Plain flowers and thyme Alborz and Sablan foothills Red 10
Citrus Spring flowers of oranges, tangerines and... Northern citrus orchards light yellow 8
Taranjabin camel throne bushes Semnan and North Golestan dark brown 6
Camel throne camel throne flowers Semnan and North Golestan light yellow 8
How do you choose your honey?
First, you should be relaxed and think carefully about your taste. What kind of personality do you like? This is the first way.
Second, refer to the article "The complete guide to the taste of honey" in the Honeyhub encyclopedia.
Third, the third way you can choose is consulting with us or experts in this field. But you are the one who chooses.
Of course, do not be obsessive in choosing honey. Consult your doctor only if you have a specific illness.
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Lotus honey or cedar honey is one of the best medicinal honeys in the world, which is full of nutrients and antioxidants. We all know Sider or lotus  for its hair strengthening shampoo. But this tree has the strengthening properties of its leaves in repairing and maintaining the freshness of hair. And on the other hand, it has nectar-rich flowers, which is known as nectar giant. This rich natural  cedar honey is known to help cure many diseases, abnormalities and health problems. Side honey is a single flower honey that is obtained exclusively from the nectar of the wild cedar tree.


This old tree grows without cultivation in the remote mountains of coastal, desert and semi-desert areas in the tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan, southern Iran, eastern Yemen and various Middle Eastern countries. In the Qur'an, Cedar is a heavenly tree in the sky.

How is lotus honey produced?

Generally, honey is obtained by bee flying over the flowers of trees and bushes, especially the sidr trees. Honey production is usually in late summer and early autumn in southern provinces, especially in Bushehr province. Honey bees slightly compact this nectar in their second stomach - the nectary - and add a little enzyme to it. Then it transfers this nectar and pollen to the hive and empties the hexagonal cell. The main work starts here.


One of the most innovative and amazing ways to preserve food in nature! Bees living in the hive make this liquid thicker and more characteristic by flapping and reprocessing. After reducing honey moisture and adding honey enzymes, some bees secrete a thin layer on these hexagonal cells. And in fact, they cover it like canned food. After a period of two to three weeks, this honey reaches the so-called. Then we take these ready honeys from the hive and transfer them to the workshop. After removing the wax layer, we put it in a centrifugal machine and pack the honey in hygienic and clean containers.


Important note: We do not add any ingredients to it. Everything is what the bee received from the flowers and turned into honey.

Natural Product

Lotus honey health benefits

Enjoy eating cedar honey. This honey is for those who are allergic to flowers. This honey can work for quick energy for runners and wrestlers.

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What are the benefits of honey?

Many benefits of this honey have been written in various books and articles. But this honey, like other honeys in the world, is an energy-rich and nourishing food. In general, honeys contain more than 80% carbohydrates, which are rich in energy with high digestibility. Three to four percent of it also has protein, which comes from flower nectar or bee enzymes, it also has some polyphenolic compounds and, God willing, other compounds that those interested can refer to the article (Honey Proteins).

Antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

Cedar honey is one of the world's most famous honeys in the field of medicine. In a study at the University of Ottawa, cedar honey was 73% effective in killing MRSA bacteria, while cassava honey was 63% effective in killing it. This bacteria is resistant to antibiotics and causes a dangerous disease. Of course, when tested against another strain of bacteria. Cedar honey was 63% and Manuka honey was 82% effective(*).

Interestingly, these honeys are each produced in far away places. These two honeys are among the most expensive honeys in the world.

Is honey good for the face?

It is antibacterial and is great for healing wounds as well as bacterial and fungal infections including ringworm and bacterial acne. When this honey and cinnamon is used as an overnight mask, various forms of acne such as blackheads, cystic acne, and even acne destroys

Does honey strengthen sexual power?

Among other claimed properties of honey, it is the strengthening of sexual power. It has been said that if honey and carrot seeds are combined together, it becomes a good stimulant. Or, of course, other ingredients have the same effect: nutritive nuts, ginseng and other medicinal plants. It has been claimed that these compounds work better than Viagra tablets without any side effects.

Other benefits of the side tree

Cedar leaves, which are rich in calcium, iron and magnesium, have a therapeutic effect that fights many diseases. Resin is used for deodorants.

In general, Kunar honey acts as a sexual enhancer and stimulant, brain and nerve tonic, memory enhancer, energizing and invigorating, strengthening and improving body weakness, preventing and treating cancer, improving blood vessels, eliminating parasites and intestinal worms. and stomach, improving back pain, improving and treating anemia, containing hydrolyzed protein, burn salve, strengthening hair, reducing body heat, reducing fever, quenching thirst, improving smallpox, improving measles, accelerating the growth of children, etc. will be

 Why is there more sucrose in Konar honey than other honeys?

One of the most discussed properties of honey is its sucrose. In general, natural honey sucrose should be less than 5%. Meanwhile, the sucrose of natural and pure honey is an exception among honeys and is usually more than 5%. It should be noted that the high sucrose content of kana honey is not a sign of poor quality of this honey, but kana honey naturally has high sucrose and this is due to the nectar source of this honey, i.e. the flowers of the kana tree, which contains high sucrose in its nectar. Yes. So the quality of kana honey should not be measured by its sucrose and other factors such as proline, diastase, HMF should be taken into consideration. The sucrose content of freshly harvested honey is usually between 7 and 14, which decreases over time and with the passage of one or two months.

Honey color on the side

In general, honey has different colors depending on many factors. Honey can be seen in muddy green, brown and agate colors.

The type of side tree subspecies: The first and most important thing is the type of side tree subspecies and other plants that the apiary is located near. The kana tree has more than 40 different subspecies, and the honey obtained from each of them differs from each other both in terms of taste and final color.

Harvesting area: The area of honey harvesting also affects its color, for example, the color of the side honey that is harvested from the trees on the side of Khuzestan province is completely different from the color of the side honey that is harvested in Khanj city in Fars province.

Storage time: The storage time of honey affects the color of honey. Because the honey at the beginning of the harvest usually has a light color and the more time passes, it gradually darkens. Depending on the type of tree next to it, it may turn completely black after a few months or turn agate

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Product Details

Data sheet

Therapeutic benefits
Antispasmodic (reduces smooth muscle spasm along the gastrointestinal tract)
Boosting immunity system
Effective in treating cancer
Eliminates parasites and intestinal and gastric worms
Fighting infection
Help to lose weight
Improve clogged arteries
Improve rubella
Memory Improvement
Protect the liver
Reduce the risk of diabetes
Strengthen physical strength
Production Location
Bushehr province
very good (A+)
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